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Dustin was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas. His passion for film began at a young age when he watched ‘one flew over the cuckoo’s nest’ and it’s still to this day one of his favorite films. He is a veteran of the United States Army where he was stationed in Germany with an 11 month tour in Bosnia(95-96). He began the film industry at the age of 39 and produced his first film ‘Last Call’ , which has won several awards in 18 film festivals. Dustin is currently preparing for his lead role in ‘An Intrusion’ which is set to film in Michigan.He also has 2 more films coming next spring ‘Day of the White Rabbit’ written by Janet Travis , and ‘Profiteers’ written by Taylor Scott(who also wrote ‘Last Call’).

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The talent management process is a continuous process that meets our requirements which involves sourcing, hiring, developing, retaining and promoting the artist. … Elysium offers the best organizational needs for the best talent management process to achieve your goals and to set them higher.

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Elysium Talent represents actors, artists and creatives based all across the globe. In theatre, film, television, radio and corporate work. Our solid Mission is to Showcase Excellence. To help those that are on a path of discovering their gifts to seasoned professionals who want specialized services in tailoring who they are to the right roles and projects. At Elysium we provide insight on work ethics on and off the set and locations. Fostering and inspiring a place to develop your brand in helping you to stay positive while working through one of the most famous grueling processes that come with these particular careers.

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